fuji x100 settings

AF+MF: On, allows you to manually focus even when in autofocus mode by turning the focusing ring on the lens (only after autofocusing already). Film Basis can be too relaxed about what counts as in focus versus not in focus. Just Stunning. AF Mode: Single Point, since it gives you the finest control for focusing in most cases. It’s practical without being boring.” And I think that sums up the Fujifilm X100 too. For me the complexity of the menu system is the only major drawback of an otherwise wonderful camera. This one is important; left On, your vertical photos will automatically rotate during image review, taking up a smaller portion of the LCD. Large Indicators Display Setting: Pick which settings and icons will be increased in size when you have Large Indicators Mode turned on. OK, after all this intro I’m starting with an item which is not even in the menu. Fuji hört seit Beginn der X100 Serie auf die Anwender der Kamera und verbessert kontinuierlich die Hard- und Software. Conversion Lens: This setting is only for cases when you are using the TCL-X100 teleconverter or WCL-X100 wide-angle converter with the X100F. Also there are Amazon affiliate links included– so if you order the camera or any other product from my link, it will give me a small percentage. Self-Timer: Off for taking photos without a delay, 2 seconds for tripod-based landscape work, 10 seconds when you need to run in front of the camera and join a group photo. I take it with me virtually everywhere. Auto ISO, with a maximum ISO of 3200 and a minimum shutter speed of … Fujifilm X100T Setup Guide. Interlock Spot AE & Focus Area: On, since it means that your metering system (when using spot metering) bases its reading upon the focus point, not a small point in the center of your frame. Some facts about the camera which are easy to forget as well some notes to self. Traditionally, I've shot exclusively in color. It’s the unthreatening and unobtrusive nature of the camera that allows me a more candid interaction with my subjects. Off when you don’t need flash, typically TTL when you do (through-the-lens automatic flash). CH Setting: Channel for master and remote flash communication, Built-in Flash: Whether you want the built-in flash to be able to fire or not, Movie Mode: Generally 1080/23.98P, but 1080/59.94P for slow motion, Movie AF Mode: Area (lets you select a more specific autofocus point). Pre-AF: This is continuous autofocus, prior to taking the photo, on the point you select. The Fuji X100 is almost silent and fast to use. AF POINT DISPLAY. April 2, 2013 . Function (Fn) Setting: Lets you assign custom functions to the five FN buttons, as well as the AEL/AFL button and the rear dial. I suggest you try them all and see what works best for you :), Loving the site and your candid, true to life commentary. I’m soooo looking forward to picking up the x100, can’t seem to find ome in Montreal. The Fuji refocusses every frame. I leave it off. I went on line this evening to see if anybody was using this little marvel professionally. I came across your blog/site while searching for X100 settings. Autorotate PB: Off. Going to New York in December and will use it with your settings all the way! Please keep in mind that most of these settings are personal preferences, and it is not a problem if your own preferences are different; after all, Fuji included all these options for a reason, and not everyone will set up their camera in the same way. View mode: Changes how the viewfinder works. One more of the ‘Into the Light’ workshop pictures taken on the Fuji X100. I do a lot of concert coverage from the front of the state in the pit, mostly and wonder how the X100 would do with that. I recommend at least setting one of the buttons to ISO Auto Setting, and another to AF Lock (letting it function akin to an, ISO Dial Setting (H): 25600, since 51200 is too impractical to be useful in ordinary circumstances. Hi Tony, I use the old 95mb/s Sandisk cards in my X100 and now X100T and the new fastest cards (260 mb/s) in my X-T1. The following options are available with the built-in flash: Flash control mode. What is your advice? The X100F is the fourth iteration of Fujifilm's well-respected X100 series. have recently purchased the x100,,,, great camera,,. (95)? I will now spend a few months to find my ‘looks’ with this camera and I’ll further develop a post production system for it too. I need at least 1/80th second to get a sharp image because I’m not as steady as some shooters etc. Cheers, Damien. Playback Volume: For playing back movies. A camera with aching good looks, oodles of style, and more pull than an iPad in the first week of it’s launch. The camera takes photos with the mechanical leaf shutter until your shutter speed is too fast for that to be possible (faster than 1/4000 second), beyond which the X100F switches to electronic shutter. If I want to lock the focus I just switch it to manual. The EX1 might be as good once the 23mm f/1.4 lens is available. The X100 changed the way I took pictures and is my favourite camera that I’ve ever owned. It had its 3 outing out this weekend being used in anger at weddings,,,. Any help you have would be greatly appreciated. The Fuji X100 is my camera that is most accurate at focussing. ... EDIT/SAVE CUSTOM SETTING. Corrected AF Frame: If you are in one of the modes with the electronic viewfinder, you can flip the red tab on the front of the X100F to switch between EVF (electronic viewfinder) and OVF (optical viewfinder) with a display overlay. Copyright info: Fill in your information in case you lose your camera or it gets stolen. For street photography with the Fuji X100 series (and for general usage) I tend to go with the following settings: Aperture Priority Mode, with the Aperture usually around f/8 depending on the amount of light. I might eventually add a film grain look too. The X100 remains the ONLY digital camera I've owned (in memory) that did NOT let me turn AUTO ISO on and off in the same menu I could also select manual ISO settings. The X100V has a deliberately reversed (male) filter thread so Fuji can get lazy people to pay $70 for the Fuji LH-X100 filter adapter and hood or $45 AR-X100 filter adapter ring just to mount any of the 49mm filters above. Even though I almost … Focus Lever Setting: Affects whether moving the joystick changes autofocus points. I just wish it were summer already :). It’s easy when you know how” Damien Lovegrove. This page can be viewed from smartphones and tablets. Perfection means creating a system that allows photographers to control, frame, and create with style, ease, and purpose. Fuji X100V, the latest-generation X100-series camera. Great read Spencer, thanks for helping with tuning this great little camera to my taste. “Learn my whole portrait making process from start to finish” Damien Lovegrove. TTL-Lock Mode: TTL Lock gives you a consistent flash exposure across several images when enabled (which must be done via a custom function button you assign). Image Size: Grayed-out (because of shooting only RAW); when shooting JPEG pick “L 3:2” for maximum quality, Film Simulation: Standard (doesn’t affect RAW photo), Grain Effect: Off (doesn’t affect RAW photo), Dynamic Range: DR 100% (doesn’t affect RAW photo), White Balance: Auto (doesn’t affect RAW photo), Highlight Tone: 0 (doesn’t affect RAW photo), Shadow Tone: 0 (doesn’t affect RAW photo), Noise Reduction: 0 (doesn’t affect RAW photo), Long Exposure Noise Reduction: For long exposures eight seconds or longer, the camera will take two photos: one of the actual scene, and another with the shutter curtain closed that is simply a “dark frame.” The dark frame will still have some, Color Space: Adobe RGB (doesn’t affect RAW photo). Master Setting: Choose a flash group for a hotshoe-mounted flash, or turn it off and light the photo entirely with off-camera flash. One thing I really like on the X100F is the Q button. Some photographers advocate Single AF Mode and Spot metering. So I rethought my method of shooting and because I’m a problem solver by nature, there was a burning desire to make this camera work for me. You don’t need to create these unless you are shooting JPEG, or you want to affect how the in-camera preview of images appear when you review them. Set to “Push Joystick to Unlock,” you can only start moving your autofocus points when you push in the joystick once. Thank before hands for suggestion to all Fuji camera society. I struggled to get the exposure right and I found accessing the three exposure parameters a bit of a hassle and certainly not as easy as a DSLR. Subsequent shoots with the fuji have highlighted a few focussing weaknesses but I’ve learned how to overcome those so it is still a great performer in my view. Hi Damien, With firmware updates, some of these settings and modes are even found on older models, like the original X100. Now a lot of people were worried that this aging lens architecture wouldn’t be able to resolve the new 24MP X-Trans III sensor. Instead, I wanted to shoot an event where there are real expectations from the images. The last couple of days, for example, I’ve been shooting with auto ISO and on autofocus, which allows me to surreptitiously withdraw the camera from my shoulder bag and test its capabilities in various environments. It can be fooled by high contrast background but it’s obvioius when this happens. Lens and autofocus. I’m shooting in RAW (just changed to RAW with Fine JPG after reading your posts), I’d planed on using this fantastic camera for a baby portrait shot (as well as my dslr…minus the macro!) I do hope you have come to love shooting with your X100. The flash will not fire at some settings, for example in panorama mode or when the electronic shutter is used. I will share the others in their own post just as soon as they are edited. Here, I’ll explain every one of the Fuji X100F menu settings and give my personal recommendation for how to set it optimally. When you are looking at the OVF with a display overlay, and you are focusing closely, enabling “Corrected AF Frame” will show a display of the more accurate autofocus points (considering viewfinder parallax). I set my lens to f/2, it’s widest setting and leave it there. This setting controls whether you want to focus continuously as you hold down the button, or just once. Framing Guideline: Grid 9 (personal preference, but I find Grid 24 too distracting and HD Framing unhelpful for stills). Z6ii vs. Z7ii which has better tonal gradation? HDMI Output Info Display: Off, or On if you want HDMI devices connected to the X100F to match the camera’s info display. Thanks to Leo’s Camera Supply in Vancouver for making the Fujifilm X100F available to me for my reviews. When it is too bright for the parameters I have set I use the inbuilt 3 stop ND filter. 2. I set my X100F to On/Off Switch (S) to get the latter behavior, since I don’t like holding down the button in order to lock autofocus. Very different to my settings with the X-Pro1 though. Followers 42. When you work with pre-production cameras there are usually several firmware updates leading up… Edit File Name: You can give your photos custom file names to start the image, such as X1F_0001 or FUJ_0001. At about 900 lux and above it is fine for focus, reframe and shoot work. Focus Check: This is only used when you are in manual focus mode (accessed via the switch on the side of the camera) or single-servo autofocus and have already focused. This is down to personal preference, but it is a good way to access settings you use all the time without entering a menu. Hi, Great article. Mostly night shots where detail is now replaced with just black. NUMBER OF THE FOCUS POINTS. Ditto. Regards. Fuji sells a PRF-49S filter if you prefer. I keep oscillating between wanting a 27mm and deciding it it is a waste of time. I love the fact that people think it is a bit of a toy and they leave their guard down. Face/Eye Detection Settings: Depends upon your subject, but you have plenty of options here. None of the options they have are particularly useful for RAW photography, although if you find them valuable, you can adjust one of these settings by rotating the focusing ring on your lens. C: Continuous servo autofocus, where the X100F focuses continually when you hold down the shutter button and doesn’t stop (unless you press the AEL/AFL button and lock focus). Fujifilm X100 settings & notes 02 Feb 2012 #Photography. It not only sports Fuji’s X-Trans sensor versus the original Bayer sensor but has a completely re-engineered optical viewfinder system which has been augmented with a digital LED rangefinder overlay window. I have to say that the AFL button helps a lot to re-adjust the focus quickly. (Note that due to an odd design flaw on the X100F and other Fuji cameras, you need to be shooting RAW + JPEG rather than just RAW if you want to magnify your photos in playback mode to any significant degree.).

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